What happened to the directory?

We have discontinued the service as of February 1, 2019.

We were able to compile business listings for over 17,000 boating specific Service Providers across the USA and Canada, this portion of our project was a success.

However, the general public’s interest in leaving reviews and ratings for Service Providers was not sufficient to justify continuing the service.

We wish to thank the 17,000 Service Providers listed and the 1,000’s of boaters who used our search engine. We hope you found the service useful.

Can you help me find a Service Provider?

Unfortunately we will no longer be responding to emails seeking service provider recommendations. We suggest that you search Google for your area or use one of the other options shown below.

Other options include:

(Note: We do not have any affiliation with these sites)

Can I get a copy of the listing data?

Yes, the listing data is available for sale to interested parties. We have over 17,000 Marine Based service providers categorized and with contact details available in a variety of formats. Pricing starts at $100 per thousand.

If you are interested in purchasing the data, please use our Contact Us page to express your interest.

Is the MarineAdvisor.com domain available?

Yes, the MarineAdvisor.com as well as several other variations (
MarineAdvisor.co, MarineAdvisor.pro, MarineAdvisor.Reviews, TheMarineAdvisor.com ) are available for purchase as a package.

Please use our Contact Us page to express your interest.